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Billing Policy and Procedure

Midwest Internet, Inc. Billing Policy and Procedure

In order for Midwest to provide the best service possible, it is necessary that Midwest's billing policies and procedures, as outlined below, be understood and followed.

  1. Subscribers must provide Midwest with complete, accurate and up-to-date account information including legal name, address, telephone number, and, if paying by that method, credit card/billing information. Subscribers must update Midwest when any information changes regarding their account.

  2. Subscribers are responsible for any and all charges on their account. To dispute a charge, Subscribers must email an inquiry to within thirty (30) days of the charge. Adjustments to accounts will not be made for charges over thirty (30) days old.

  3. Subscribers will choose a billing method from the following options by selecting either an automatic payment method (payments will be deducted automatically each month) or a monthly payment method (user will manually select payment method each month).

    Automatic Payment Methods:
    Credit Card
    Paypal Subscription
    Monthly Payment Methods:
    Credit Card
    Prepaid Access Card

    1. Automatic credit card deduction:
      Subscribers may pay for accounts by credit card. By providing Midwest with credit card information, Subscriber expressly authorizes Midwest or its agents to automatically bill Subscriber's credit card each month for service. Such authorization by Subscriber shall remain valid until revoked on-line by Subscriber at Midwest Internet's Member Services page found at Subscriber is responsible for notifying Midwest of new credit card information, number, and expiration dates. Please update this information on the Member Services page. Midwest is not responsible for any charges or expenses, including but not limited to overdrawn accounts and exceeded balances, resulting from charges billed by Midwest.

    2. Paypal subscription:
      Subscribers may pay for accounts through Paypal subscription. The Subscriber will select the Paypal subscription button on Midwest Internet Bill Payment web pages.

    3. Monthly invoices:
      Subscribers may pay for accounts on a monthly basis. Invoices will be sent by email and should be paid by one of the methods indicated on the Bill Payment web page.

  4. Dialup Subscriber accounts not paid by the due date are subject to immediate suspension or cancellation at Midwest's sole discretion. All other services are provided according to individual contract terms. Email for suspended accounts is stored for thirty (30) days before being deleted. During that thirty (30) day period, Subscribers may pay all back charges, plus the current month's charges, and access to their email will be restored.

  5. Midwest reserves the right to change its fees and billing policies and procedures at any time. The most current version of this policy, and other Midwest policies and agreements, is provided on our website at

  6. Subscriber is responsible for any and all attorney and collection fees arising out of Midwest's efforts to collect any unpaid balance on Subscriber's account.

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